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November 2018
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Nancy Kenny discute le programme Artistes dans la communauté ou le milieu de travail avec Luciana Pierre, Responsable adjointe des arts francophones. Ce programme fait partie du bureau des arts communautaires et multidisciplinaires.

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  • Proposal of Socio-Cultural Program Title: Self Awareness for Youth. Topic: African dance, singing and music. My aim is to get youths involved in an organized program in an attempt to bring the energy, excitement and history of our people, their philosophy, moral values and principles. I hope to ignite the creative celebratory nature of the children, parents and the community to experience a higher level of understanding that promote healing, self-respect and creative possibilities in our daily lives. Together we will teach motivate, educate, inspire and unite everyone as a community through this art form. Dance: Importance of exercice and stretching everyday. Explain where the dance originated, historical and cultural context, the meaning of the dance-gestures, movements, where it is performed. Example: Weddings, naming ceremonies, honoring the chefs or kings. And also demonstrate how dance can be seen as a popular communal entertainment performed to celebrate life. Singing: Teach the link between music/drumming and dancing as one activity. And explain the tradition of music/drum and dance passed down from generation to generation through demonstration and not passed down via notation as in Western classical music. Conclusion: In Africa, music and dance are the foundation of life from birth until death. It promotes healing, challenges our self-discipline, unites the community and motives us to pass it on to the next generation to keep the culture alive. This will ensure a sense of pride, awareness and appreciation for self held in high esteem so each child can make a proud statement where ever they choose to go in life. Please let me know what you think and/or add your ideas as well. Jean Assamoa, Founder and Artistic Director of Akwaba Cultural Exchange Website: www.akwabacultural.com Tel(direct): 416-938-2320. Email: akwaba.exchange@yahoo.ca Address: 644 Willmott Crescent Milton, ON L9T 6E9 (Canada). NB: Just to inform you that since October 3, 2012 my organization has the status of A Non-Profit Cultural Organization.

    posted by: Jean Assamoa on 2013-09-11 22:57:48

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